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Grade 2

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Welcome to 2nd Grade!


ReadingWriting Social StudiesScience


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We're reading about Flat Stanley and getting ready to send our Flat Selves on a trip! Look at these resources to learn more.  Click on the pictures below to see the Flat Stanley Song and learn more!!!


Click here to watch a clip of Flat Stanley's Hollywood Adventure!



Reading Resources



Visit Destiny to find books by your favorite author


Visit the databases to research your favorite book topics!


Houghton Mifflin Reading Resources and Games


Comment on an assignment using Voice Thread


Using the The Golidlocks Rule to find Just Right Books

fivefinger and goldi.pdf


goldilocks and the three bears.ppt  


Use Book Adventure to find more Just Right Books

Visit this website for some great book choices and resources for text connections.

awesome connections poster - print in color.pdf



Making Connections Activity.doc

Making Connections Organizer.doc


Visit the Scholastic Website to play Word Girl games, explore I Spy, and to have some science fun with Magic School Bus!

Visit the Nate the Great website and complete the scavenger hunt

nate the great scavenger hunt.doc

Arthur Website for Learning Games

Book Trailers - Zen Shorts


Click below to link to more book trailers!

Book Trailers for Oakleigh Books  




Writing, Research, and the Online Research Models

Use Destiny to find books that connect to your research topic

Visit the databases to further your research and your writing

Country Mouse Comes to Tea
Online Research Model


The Life and Times of Tomie dePaola - Online Research Model

Visit Tomie's Website!

Rabbit Hill Garden

Online Research Model

Look for more books as part of your research at your closest public library!

Grammar Fun with Mad Libs!



Writing Poetry


Poetry Idea Engine


Giggle Poetry

Graphic Organizers

Baltimore County's Research and Investigation Guide


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Social Studies



Use Destiny to find Social Studies books that match your topic


Visit the databases to further your Social Studies research

Symbols of American Pride Online Research Module
Why are symbols important to Americans and how do they represent America?


Geography of Neighboorhood and Community: Use this site to build your own neighborhood!


Economoics in the Community: Use this site to explore economics, money, and goods and services!





Citizenship in the Community: Visit this website to learn more about citizenship!

Communities in Different Times



Play this game to learn about different continents and geography!







Use Destiny to find books about your science topic


Baltimore County Science Resources for Second Grade Science



Visit Mosquito Bites to find out some facts about mosquitos!


A Website all About Mosquitos


tumblebooksWatch this Tumblebook all about mosquitos!



Budding Botanists learn how to plant a seedling on this site

budding botanist vocabulary.doc

budding botanist brochure.pub


If..Then: An Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Unit


If Then Glossary.doc



Click here to visit the Astonomy Website!

Space Odyssesy Unit


earth changes pictures.doc





Visit the National Geographic Kids site to learn about space!

Watch animals at the zoo on the Smithsonian webcams!

Visit the National Geographic Kids site to learn about animals

  Use this website to hlep you learn to classify Animals!

Classifying Animals T Chart.doc

Choosing a Class Pet Online Research Module Desparately Seeking Symmetry Online Research Module: Where do we find symmetry in our everyday life?
Fossil Finders (Discovering Fossils)
How do fossils provide us with information about animals that lived long ago?
Healthy Habitats: How does an animal's habitat affect its survival?

Other Resources For Parents:


2nd Grade Science Site for Parents! Click below.



Other Resources For Teachers:


2nd Grade Science Intranet Site! Click below.



2nd Grade Social Studies Intranet Site! Click below.



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